Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well, Lent has begun. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday.
I am not currently Catholic, but I grew up Catholic. We are non-denominational Christian, now.
My church doesn't follow all the Lenten traditions, but I still like the tradition of giving something up or taking on something new, as a way to better myself and my faith.

I have given up Facebook. It was funny how many times I lamented that I didn't have time to read my Bible, there weren't enough hours in the day. But I checked Facebook several times each day and I'm sure that added up to several minutes. I didn't post things very often, I just had to be updated by other people's information. It's the second day and I am still finding it tough. I used to get on FB to play a couple games, as well, often needed to get my "daily spin" on all of them. More time disappeared.

I enjoyed my Bible time the last two days. Today I read Isaiah 42:10-17, which I hadn't taken the time to read, that I remember. It was nice. :)

I have also given up snacks after dinner. Last night was very difficult, but I was successful. We'll see how that continues! :)

I hope all is well with you Reader.


Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- if I gave up something for Lent, I'd definitely choose Facebook. That would be NO problem for me -- I hate Facebook LOL. Good luck with your choices -- I hope it goes well!

Molly said...

Yeah! I have always resisted the pressure to join FB. And lately I've been reading more and more about people opting out....I spend way too much time on the computer reading blogs, sometimes writing, but dumping most of it as drivel! And I wonder why I don't get quilt projects finished! Lent was always part of the rhythm of the year when I was growing up. I liked that. Also the incentive to revisit new year's resolutions and pull up my socks! I'm trying to cut back on coffee, as giving it up altogether would doom me to failure. Good luck!

momo said...

oh, jen! you have much more will power than me. i debated fb as well. maybe next year.

i found this site just before lent started: the blog owner is a pastor that is encouraging reading the bible for 7 minutes each day. i get a notice in my inbox each day and i've been trying it - outloud - it really is awesome.

so if no fb, there is no words with friends, either? make sure to keep in touch with me the next month, ok? xoxoxo!