Monday, February 13, 2012

One Little Word 2012

I haven't posted my One Little Word, yet, and here we are almost halfway through February.
I had a hard time picking a word this year.

I chose brave: a do it/try it/go for it theme.

I am very wimpy and a worrier. I worry so much that it hinders me from fun and enjoying my family. We went to Disney with our girls two summers ago and I wouldn't even get on rides they all enjoyed. I went so far as to go all the way through a long line (fretting all the way) and left the line as I got up to the ride. Granted, that really isn't my thing, but I do let my worry get in the way of life, sometimes.

Since choosing the word, I have tried sushi (and liked it!), which is "brave" for me. ;)
My in laws have given our entire family a cruise to Alaska next summer and we had to sign up for excursions. I chose kayaking (I am seriously afraid of water, so that will be fact my hands sweat as I type this! ;)) and a 3.5 hour horse back ride with my girls! Should be fun! (And I will definitely be sore after those two days in a row! :)

I think sometimes, if I found out I were deathly ill, what would I wish for? More time with family and friends... doing what? Worrying? God specifically tells me not to...So, I will be more wise with my time, worry less and be brave...


iJuls said...

Great choice in words.

Thimbleanna said...

Forget your word -- you're going to ALASKA!!! You Lucky Lucky girl!!! (Ok...that IS a great word.) And nice to see you come up for air from Pinterest ROFLOL!)