Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Isabelle's Tag

In a blog post written by Isabelle, on a blog I've been reading for years, she posted a tag. I thought I'd respond with my own, although I don't have cute grandson photos to share. :) Feel free, regular readers to fill out the tag on your blog, also! :)

The instructions are to:

* post 11 random facts about yourself {check}
* answer 10 questions {I used Isabelle's, and check}
* make up 10 questions for the next tag {check}
* suggest 10 people to tag (I shant-if you want to, go for it. :)}

Some facts :
1. I have a stuffy nose, which is frustrating because I am going through a "sick" spell, again.
2. I ran 3.3 miles today in the snow. This is interesting as it has been a mild winter thus far and it was driving down quite hard. I couldn't keep my eyes all the way open and my black running clothes were white. It was beautiful.
3. My class finishes in a week. I am making progress, but rather slowly.
4. My students took tests yesterday and today, and I have many essays I should be grading.
5. I love sticky notes and good pens. :)
6. I read a quote this weekend that I loved:"A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can't get anywhere until you change it." -source unknown. I printed it out and hung it up at school. :)
7. It is Valentine's Day, here. I received fresh, homemade french toast for breakfast. Nothing else, which is what I requested. I got my husband new sweatpants. Not overly romantic, but his had a hole in an unflattering place from being old, and he couldn't get rid of them because he didn't have any other gray pairs.
8. I am sad football season is over. Thank goodness for college basketball.
9. I love reading and posting blogs, but as my time runs low on my class, I feel like a guilty procrastinator when I read blogs.
10. My eyes are heavy and I am sleepy, even though it is 9pm and I usually am up another couple hours.
11. I'm really proud of the wonderful family I have.

I used the five from In This Life that Isabelle made up, and five she answered.
1. Shoplifting - Absolutely never

2. Slapping children -maybe a hand or two when the girls were young and trying fingers to outlets!

3. Shower every day? usually, unless we are camping or have been overnight at someone's house, but on our way home that next morning.

4. All is fair in love and war - No.

5.What would be your (at least faintly possible) dream job? teacher, but full time and a good, experienced one, or a librarian :)

6. What era would you like to live in, if not now? the 1920s-fun music and flapper dresses. :)

7. What super power would you choose? speed-could get so much more done ;)

8. Would you prefer to be more beautiful or richer? richer-our oldest will be going to college soon ;) Plus that could help the rest of our family and friends, too.

9. Exactly how tidy are you? I would love to be super tidy, and some days I am, but some days I'm overwhelmed and I find things all our of order.

10. Queue jumping - do you? I think this is cutting in lines? And no. I wait my turn, it's good manners.

Now, 10 questions for the next person:
1. What is your one little word for the year?
2. What era could you live in other than this one?
3. If you had to choose a different occupation, what would it be?
4. Would like to die tomorrow or never?
5. Where would you have your second home, if you could have one?
6. Where is the first place on your dream list to travel?
7. Most frustrating repetitive chore/task you do?
8. If you had more time for a hobby, what would you choose?
9. If you could add more time to a day, how much would you add?
10. Your happiest time of the day?

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