Friday, February 18, 2011

Missed One February 18, 2011

I was doing so well posting everyday. Until I missed yesterday.
We headed out of state for my husband's grandmother's funeral. I had computer access, but didn't post. Then, on the way home, my family called and said my uncle had passed away yesterday. We'll be heading there sometime soon for his funeral. Two in one week. So much for "positively mom" posting, hm? Life, though, isn't it? Thank you for the hugs and well wishes, my faraway friends.

Thinking of the positives:many good memories of Grandma Betty, we traveled safely, we got to see family we haven't seen in many years (although under sad circumstances...) We had good weather to travel in-some Februarys have held snow... I kept up with my photos (although the journaling, reading, exercising, and watching what I ate have slipped...)

Hopefully next week is back to normal?
Thanks for your support and warmth, Dear Readers.

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Molly said...

So sorry Jen. Sometimes it happens that way. My mother's relatives seemed to favor Christmas as the best time to die! At least you get a chance to meet more family. We'll let you have a few misses!