Monday, February 07, 2011

February 7 2011

I am trying to think of things to post tonight that are "interesting" to a reader. My eyes and mind are sleepy. I had a good day; I'm still enjoying my job and working with great kids each day. I love going in a classroom to gather the group/student I'm about to work with and having many of them raise their hands and hope I'm picking them. I like that it seems like fun to come learn with me! :) I hope absorption of the information is happening when they come out! :)

I got my hair cut on Friday evening. My hair had gotten almost to my shoulders, but not quite. I could put it in a short ponytail, even. I decided I was (already!) tired of growing it out. I told her I wanted it short. Woa, she cut it short! I was worried as she cut... and cut... and cut... (you get the idea. ;)) Then the ritual began-the hairdresser worked and worked, styling my hair. I nervously liked it. I got home, my family said it looked nice, and then the next day I had to try to recreate the hairstyle. It is difficult to get it where I want it, but my wonderful husband has complimented it almost each day, if not more than once per day, which has been a great boost to my esteem! :)

I am thoroughly enjoying the sounds of my house right now: my two daughters discussing World War II. This doesn't sound fun, but my younger daughter is helping my oldest daughter study for a test tomorrow. It is a nice exchange. My oldest daughter is basically teaching my younger daughter, which is one of the best ways to learn/ingrain that information into a mind. :) My dog-who is not supposed to be upstairs-is beside me in my upstairs den snoring away. :) My garage door is opening, right now, also, and my husband is pulling in after a long day at work.

More snow is blowing in right now. I am glad I went out in it to run this afternoon when it wasn't quite so bad. I have ran four days in a row, thus far. Yeah! :) I ran four miles on Saturday. My legs were sore, today.

I hope your week has gotten off on the right foot, today! Have a great week, Dear Reader!

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Thimbleanna said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful start to your week Jen. I can't imagine running in the cold though -- even with the snow. That's lung-burning!!!