Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11, 2011

Today was an interesting day. The school where I work was filled with Valentine's Day parties. I walked to each of the rooms I work with, and some I don't, to see if I was needed, but there were many parents there. I wasn't needed. As I thought about this, I thought that it wasn't that long ago when I was the room mother, planning games or at least stopping in at each girl's school party-for every season and holiday. I got to see all those moments, like our oldest daughter crying at one party over a game, which I thought was silly, until she later explained she didn't like everyone staring at her and yelling at her to finish her part of the relay-her school shyness showing itself.

Then I got home and I read this post from MOMO. With our oldest kids being so close in age, I am not far behind this moment and it made me misty-eyed. I know we want our kids to be independent, but we want them to need us, to want us to be part of their lives, too... It was a surreal thought-to think of how fast they are "on their own"...

I'm thankful we have good kids, but am scared of the world they enter. Hope you're about to start a wonderful weekend! :)

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momo said...

our children are only steps apart and when its time for them to fly - what i've realized this past few weeks - is that we've done a really good job of teaching them how. (as nervous as we are!) and that they will always come back for that very reason. they like us, jen. that's so huge!