Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10 2011 More Pics

I started posting my photos yesterday from Postcards from the PP site. Notes from yesterday: Molly, computers were the way to go, but I still love the piano! :) Thimbleanna, the shoes are actually very comfy, and I am not normally a fan of things between my toes, but the material they are made of is wonderful! :) Can't wait to wear them outside more! :)
Here are some more photos! :)
Newspaper Headline from the day after we got more snow and ice:

a postbox-our white mailbox in front of our white, snow covered yard: :)

eyes-my youngest daughter, sorry I couldn't get a great one close up enough to see her beautiful blue eyes, in the morning of the snow day. :) Also, some pics of my dogs' eyes. :) They were snuggled all in on the snow day, too. :)

Something heart shaped and something red-I have both these items, with both these last two photos for today

I have three more photos to share later. They were the hardest for me to find. :) Hope you've had a great week thus far! :)

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Thimbleanna said...

Gosh -- you're doing great Jen! I haven't even started!