Thursday, February 03, 2011

February 3 2011

It was good to get back to school today. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being home with my daughters!! I was just ready to get back into our routine. During the two days off I had just about caught up on laundry and emptied and reassembled my office/den/scrapbook supplies (Phew! I'd been wanting to do that for a while!). It feels nice and clean in my office, like I can breathe and get things done! :) That is a wonderful feeling. I also got phone calls made, got the girls to the dentist, made Cathy Zelske's chicken soup... well, sort of. I didn't have the whole chicken and didn't feel like going back out to get it so I made the second step with premade chicken broth and a little bit of white wine. It turned out great! I had leftovers today for lunch and it was good reheated, also!

Speaking of food and food recipes, I think I have developed an aversion to eggs. I'm not 100% sure, so I'm going to start keeping a food journal tomorrow. The last few times I had fried eggs I got sick within an hour or two, and I mean SICK. Then I had quiche, and same response (although quiche didn't used to do that to me). I also had some yummy food at a restaurant with my husband-I didn't go crazy on the food or anything, but I got sick in about the same time frame. I was confused since I hadn't eaten any eggs so I mentioned it to my husband. He noted that I had dipped some cabbage rolls in aioli sauce... I ate all the aioli sauce... in the ingredients? Yep, raw egg. So, I'm going to do this food journal thing and see.

That's all for today. Three posts in a row. :) Hope you are well and happy, Dear Reader. :)


Molly said...

Yes. I made quiche tonight. And in the middle of making it got a wild urge to talk to my sister. The talk went very well. I wish I could say the same for the quiche! Not my best innovation! I wonder why you would be sickened by eggs now if you haven't in the past?

momo said...

eggs do the same thing to me periodically. the only way i can eat them is if i make them in the microwave. i know that sounds odd - but i wonder if its the combination of egg and butter or whatever else i make them with. hope you figure it out - feeling yucky is no good! xo, jen!