Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 12, 2011

I am very much looking forward to the warmer weather! The sun was out yesterday and it was delightful. I had hoped to get a run in, but with both girls' practices ending and needing rides and a family activity coming up, I didn't really have the time. I hope I'm not to out of shape to run when I do have time! :) Oh, I suppose I could get up at 5am, but that is an adjustment I'm not ready for.

I'm still reading books and the Bible each day, still reading Jeremiah for our life group. I worked on Jeremiah 26 & 27 today. I am not exercising every day like I'd hoped, but have been working on it about four days a week. I am journaling each day, also, so the goals for February are mostly positive.

Yesterday's post mentioned memories and misty eyes. I thought throughout the day of those memories of our small daughters, and how I needed to scrapbook those memories! I was talking to one of the teachers and we were talking about how dads do things differently, not better or worse, just differently. I remember one evening, well, several evenings, when I would get home from a college class and my husband would have fed and dressed the girls. They were running from our kitchen and jumping over two stairs into our lower level living room. My husband had covered the floor with couch and chair cushions so their landing was soft...They were giggling and having so much fun-all three grinning. I worried about injuries, etc, but it warmed my heart that they had that time together and were so enjoying each other.

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Thimbleanna said...

It sounds like your girls have a wonderful and FUN father! We're slowly warming up -- which makes me nervous -- there are ice dams on the roof and those are never a good thing. I hope you get a run in soon!