Thursday, November 07, 2013

What I'm Reading Wednesday

Here I am, again, with slow but steady progress on the books I listed two weeks ago. I have been reading a little more the last few nights as my husband was gone on business and I enjoyed the thoughts of Father Tim in Mitford caring for his church and town flock as I went to sleep. I would turn the tv on and set the sleep timer, but that didn't serve my brain as well as the happy thoughts. If you haven't read the Mitford series, I do recommend it. I also am still reading my devotional. I had missed a few days but have changed my routine up a bit as of late. My sister in law has started a new job and my brother in law takes their oldest two kids to middle school. Then they needed someone to get the younger two around for school and get them onto their bus. It's only about an hour and a half job, nothing major, but when I get there I have about twenty minutes of quiet before they get up. I'm in their house so I can't be distracted by the things at our own house that need tending, so I have been bringing my Bible and devotional book. Such a nice start to each day this week. I felt my soul sigh in enjoyment today. :) What are you reading, Reader?

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