Monday, November 18, 2013

Social Media Monday

My husband, my youngest daughter and I all ran in our local high school's 5K run fundraiser this weekend. My husband and I were "just going to run for fun" but as the start approached I let on that I wanted to work at my PR (my personal record for this stage in my life... in college my fastest 5K/3.1 miles was 19:35. I haven't gotten anywhere close to that, but as I heal and get back into shape again, I get faster) which was 22:55. He pulled me along-even though he definitely could have taken off, left me and sprinted to his PR-and I finished in 21:53. I am sure the course was about .04 miles short, but I was happy with the work I put in. It was a good day! My post for the day:
Fun 5k, good finish time, 2nd place in my age group. Love running w husband & daughter & missed our other daughter. Raked some leaves, now watching my team's 2 games, one football and one basketball. Thankful for it all. #30daysofthankful

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Thimbleanna said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend Jen! Congratulations on finishing the race!