Thursday, November 28, 2013

Blogs I Follow

Since I have covered all the Apps I use from my phone, but I want to try to keep up my regular posting, I am changing Thursday's Helpful Apps to Blogs I Follow. This week I will link to Organizational Blogs I Follow. I used to follow blogs via Google Reader, but since that site is no longer available, I use Feedly. It works great and since more people are using it, they continue to make nice updates.

Organizational Blogs I Follow:

  1. Day One Blog-Day One is a great journaling app I use on my phone. I really like the way it looks and how easy it is to use. So, when I saw they had a blog, I began to follow it, too. 
  2. Creative Organizing blog has become Simplify 101. I love this blog and their newsletters. I appreciate their tips and suggestions! For a while I was subscribed to both via feedly and got their posts twice! :)
  3. I Heart Organizing Blog-I love this blog because they often show before and after projects, from the writer and from readers. It can spawn new project ideas or design ideas, and it also inspires me to just get going on a project!
  4. The Art Of Simple/Simple Mom-I just recently found this blog through another site. I really like the articles and will continue to follow it! It's not just about organizing, but that was how I originally found it. Some nice words of wisdom in her last few posts.
  5. Organized Home-Love the checklists posted! And the encouragement to break cleaning/organizing into small chunks, even with a busy life!
  6. A Bowl Full of Lemons-I found this blog through Pinterest as I was looking up planner ideas. I really loved the approach I saw here and the many things she was organizing-files/papers, purse, planners, home!
  7. Small Notebook-Ways to Simplify Your Home, some How-Tos and ideas for organization. This is another good blog with thoughts, feelings and words of wisdom thrown in, as well.
Do you have any organizational blogs you follow, Reader? And Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful you are here!

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Thimbleanna said...

This looks like a great list Jen -- all new to me too. I need organizational help -- thanks for sharing!!!