Saturday, April 17, 2010

Purse Contents

I saw on a blog post today, here on Stacy Julian's blog, a post about what is in your purse. She talked about how it is us, it shows who we are by its contents. I enlisted the help of my youngest daughter to take a photo of me and then I emptied my purse. Wow, I had a lot stuffed in there! I thought it would be interesting to post here. (Actually I have a ton of other things I should be doing... but started the day with a great breakfast of pancakes, and checking blogs/email :))

Here's a photo of me without my face. :)

And the contents of my purse:

What's in my purse?
I have a bigger purse-I like to carry a lot of items, “just in case” someone needs them. :) This was a good reason to clean my purse! :)

(top left) I have some change that I didn't put into my wallet, so it was loose, and a phone number from a fellow teacher on a piece of paper. What it says about me? That I needed to clean my purse! :)

Next are my glasses: I wear them to see far away. It says I'm getting older.

My phone: I never thought I needed a phone with internet, etc. But, I love it! It says I like to be connected.

Gum: I like fresh breath-also, see green toothpick/floss items in the middle of the screen... I like my breath fresh...

Tissues: I have a daughter who gets bloody noses often, and a daughter who runs track in the chilly weather. We've all been known to need tissues...

Bottom right is my purse. Black matches everything, it's easy to carry, and holds all of my stuff...

Under the coins and paper on the top left are some green notecards that have some of my favorite Bible verses on them. When I'm having a frustrating day or just need some Word, I can pull them out.

There are two cough drops and a worther's candy. I like them when I have a cold but still have to talk all day to the kids.

There are two ponytail holders. For the first time in a while I have let my hair grown out long enough to put in a pony tail. I went to my hairdresser and this time I told her just a trim. She was encouraging and thought it would look cute! :) I love it right now.

Earphones: I can get podcasts on my phone, and I have music there. I can sit and listen to podcasts while I wait for an appointment, etc. The podcasts I've been listening to lately have been from , and

I have a little wallet (purple and striped w/ruler pattern) that I made, yep, sewed it with the help of my mom. It has little pockets for the gift cards and store discount cards that I don't use all the time. I can't leave them at home, just in case I decide to stop there...

Many pens... I like pens, and I never want to be caught without one. My girls always used to like to draw, or we'd play hangman or another word game, at restaurants while they waited for food, so I made sure I had supplies in my purse. They normally have their own pens or carry on conversations, now, but I still have to have them.

There are two Burt's Bees chapsticks. I love it, with its peppermint smell, and not too waxy feel.

Hand sanitizing gel and hand lotion for clean, soft hands.

Tide pen-never know when a stain will occur... I've had it in there for a while, after a coffee drip stained a shirt, but haven't used it at all since I put it in... my retentiveness causes me to keep it in there, for fear that if I take it out... a stain/spill will occur.

Advil-ahh a cure-all. :) Good for headaches, sore legs and knees, cramps...

Wallet: I love this wallet. I got it from etsy. You can't tell from the photo, but it is brown, with burnt orange and turquoise. It holds a lot and is sturdy.

Batteries-I love taking my camera everywhere and hate that “ah, I'm out of battery power just in time for the great shot!” feeling so, here they are...

Sunglasses, in case I am at a soccer game or on a long drive being blinded by the sun...

Keys-my car and house, including my weimaraner and Christian key chains

A “free coffee” coupon from Starbucks, a pad of sticky notes (I love sticky notes!) and a small notebook for notes and my to-do lists

The yellow thing by my purse is a bandaid holder. It's got a few alcohol-swabs and some bandaids.

One of the requests on Stacy's blog was to post what it says about you... most of these say I like to be prepared “just in case” and I like to be helpful. The bandaids are usually used by someone other than myself. :) I am a bit of a worrier and I worry about “things happening” and want to be prepared if I can. I'm also not a small purse for different occasions sort of girl. I don't grab just a couple things for each event. I keep it all in one, all the time. Sometimes I throw a magazine or paperback in, too. :) Lately I just haven't had time to sit and read, though! :)

For those of you readers who have made it through my long, silly post, thank you. I will use this in a scrapbook someday, when I get back to sitting down to scrapbook. I am still very busy with teaching and being a mom and wife. I love family time. I have mountains of laundry, and cleaning of course, but I am blessed with a great family that I am thrilled to have the time with. The teaching is going well. I've been there about 63 days and have become "official teacher" status. My title is no longer a "substitute". I am getting teacher salary and have earned a personal day and a sick day to take off, if needed. Hopefully it will help me get my foot in the door. We'll see. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! It's chilly here, so the soccer game viewing will be BRRR, but sunny. :)

If you have a purse or backpack handy, it just takes a bit of time, share with us, won't you? What does it say about you?


Thimbleanna said...

Oh my gosh -- it all looks so neat and tidy! My contents are much like yours -- only more -- with notebooks, checkbooks, etc. Plus I have too many receipts and garbage floating around. My "purse" is a backpack that I made. I had a guy at work stop me this week and say, "What could you possibly need to carry around that you need a backpack that big?" Ummm...nothing really, I guess. It's overkill. But, like you, I like to be prepared -- I can't stand to be stuck somewhere and have nothing to do, so I have to have something big enough to stuff a project in. Or my camera. Or laptop. Or all three LOL! Thanks for the fun and interesting post!

Molly said...

Wow! That was interesting....I guess our life stories could be told from the contents of our purses! That would make a good post, no? To spill the contents out on the floor and make up a story about the person who must carry all that crap around with them---kind of like a snail's shell! I am also guilty. No small dainty purses for me. I don't like to switch from one to the other either as I inevitably forget to transfer something "essential." My purse never gets a personal day. It slogs away 24/7 until it dies of exhaustion. The latest addition to my inventory of purse paraphanalia is a small fold up toothbrush because I HATE to wonder, after eating out,if there are food particles between my teeth! We all have our hang-ups!
Great post, Jen.

Molly said...

Make that "parahernalia...."

Isabelle said...

Goodness, my handbag is MUCH smaller than that! How on earth do you carry it?

ptr said...


While I was searching Google, I found this picture of your purse on your blog. I want to ask: can I use this image for a cover I'm making for a teacher's manual?

I'm working as a teacher in a social profit/adult education organisation. My colleague and I developed a course "How to handle your personal administration" (in Dutch however). Our target group: adults with low educational backgrounds, who are being supported by the Belgian social security system.

The teacher's manual will be handed over to the teachers of the social services (I don't know if the US has similar educational services). So I need a nice cover image to begin the manual with.

The manual is registered under a Creative Commons licence 2.0, so there is no commercial profit at stake.

We will of course mention you under the credits.

Thanks in advance,