Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April 6

I have been sitting at my computer working on inputting grades for a bit. It's more complicated than it should be, but works ok... if you know what you're doing! It's nice that I can do it from home. I called the teacher to make sure I was doing them correctly. I'm not done, and they have to be in by lunch tomorrow. Busy morning ahead! :)

Our girls are away for one more day and then they'll be home. I've sure missed them. Although I've enjoyed going out to dinner with my husband. I have eaten way too much and I haven't had time to get out and run since my 8 miler.

I do feel caught up on my grading and planning for now, though. :)

My flowers are continuing to come up nicely. I must resist the urge to go out and plant something-the last two years I saw so many people do it. We get sucked in by all the spring displays... new plants, fertilizer, etc... and then more frost comes and those same people are back at the store buying replacements. My dad always says wait until Mother's Day to plant something, and, even though he lives in a state North of us, I live by those words. The last two years they've helped me. :) Now, I just have to resist the urge to fill my garden with fresh, green color! I have already started thinking of my vegetable garden this year... less cherry/grape tomatoes and more of other things, like trying new leaf lettuce!

I hope your snow is melting, the sun is shining nicely (not too hot!) on you and you are smiling. :) I'm smiling at you! :)

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Thimbleanna said...

Ok. I just did this on another blog. Blogger gave me the goofed up screen of death and said my comment didn't go through. So I refreshed, didnt' see my comment, and retyped it. And Voila -- two comments.

So, I've had the blogger screen of death here. And refreshed. Nothing. You'll probably get two comments now.

All just to say that our plant date here is May 10th and I always wait until after then!