Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday! (to me ;))

I haven't been posting much lately. As you regular readers know (and moms! :)) We are in the midst of track season for my older daughter and soccer season for my younger daughter. Between their sports games and practices, my school and their piano lessons, our evenings are usually filled with something! :) This weekend was also busy with Me! :)

Friday, we went and got my oldest from her track meet, and went out to a burger restaurant we've never been to before, and shopped for school science project supplies. Then, Saturday, I got homemade doughnuts on my actual birthday, from my husband. I got a nice vase that has scented oil in it to match my office from my girls. I also got a hamster button for my classroom because I thought it'd be fun! :) Then we went and sat in the rain at a soccer game, stopped at Bob Evans for lunch, changed clothes and went to a contemporary Christian concert as a family. It was a tour with five bands. There was a wide variety in the music, but all of it was giving Him the glory. :) I also got many calls and facebook birthday wishes throughout the day. We finished off the evening, the husband and I, watching the Time Traveler's Wife, which was a good movie but an even better book.

Today we hung around home, except for a quick trip to the bookstore where I picked this book up and am excited to use it... after a trip to the grocery! :)

Then, to end our weekend, my in-laws took us out to dinner. YUM! :) I'm sure the fries aren't on Jamie's approved healthy eating list, but they were good!! :)

No long runs in this weekend. How awful of me. ;) But I sure had a great weekend.

I am still taking photos, and have started a week in the life photos, too... We'll see if I can get it done! :)
Hope you all have a wonderful week!!


Molly said...

Happy Birthday Jen! Hope you have a great year.....

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jen! And thanks for giving me a good idea -- my hubby hates Bob Evans, but I LOVE it and we never get to go -- I think when my birthday comes around, I'll make him take me there LOL!

iJuls said...

Happy Belated Birthday!