Friday, April 02, 2010


Question for you, blog readers:
Do you dye your eggs for Easter (or did you when your children were younger)?
Do you hard boil and then decorate or blow the inside out?
Do you paint or use traditional dye methods? Store bought or natural dyes?

We have tried multiple things over the years, and as the girls are older and craftier I was thinking of trying new things. Today we melted chocolate and decorated molds with them. However, I'm wondering if we'll do eggs...
In years past we've painted wooden eggs, made yarn eggs, dyed boiled eggs and dyed blown out eggs, which was my favorite of the options.

Hope all is well.


Thimbleanna said...

Hard Boiled. Traditional. And sadly, no one is around to do them this year. But I think I might just have to do them myself -- I'll miss them too much if I don't!

iJuls said...

I'm boiling them right now and not doing a very good job of it either. I like the more fun options that you have listed here. Maybe next year.

Molly said...

When our kids were little we hard boiled them [the eggs, not the kids!] and used the commercial dyes. As they got older [the kids, not the eggs!] we occasionally tried other things; like the year we decided to make pysanky, with stylus and wax. They were a far cry from the collection of beautifully hand dyed eggs from the Ukraine that my in-laws have. But even some of them are wooden! I've done the blown out eggs [and nearly passed out in the process!It's not as easy as it looks!]. The dodgiest is to decorate unblown-out, raw eggs, because if they break, the smell will kill you! Now that the kids aren't around I don't do any. Bake instead, which I should be doing now instead of blog wandering! Happy Easter to you and your family!