Friday, April 02, 2010

Day 2

Well, it's April 2 and I'm posting again. Wow, two days in a row, right? :)

I have already gotten my run in for the day. I went 3.5 miles. It is sunny and beautiful outside today.

I have also started "a picture a day". I've seen it done and thought I'll never get that done each day, however:
it's April, which is my birthday month and I'm going to be 35, so I'm thinking a picture a day for my 35th year-what I did each day. Sounds fun. We'll see. We already have so much going on, but a picture, that doesn't take long, does it? :)

While I'm posting all my goals, I'm also going to try not to buy another scrapbook supply (except glue, since I use it and run out) like paper and embellishments for the next year! I have a lot, here, and I just need to sit down and use it! :) We'll see how long that lasts... :) I have to go and unsubscribe to the few emails I get about "daily deals" and "scrapbook steals". No need to tempt myself! I love the new stuff, new ideas... but I have so much and I'm just not using it right now. So, unless I completely run out of supplies in the next year, this is it-no more supplies! I will keep you posted and let you know how that works out! :)

My oldest daughter is at track practice, none of us have school since it's Good Friday. The husband had to work, though. Maybe he'll come home early? The girls and I are going to go to the book store after the oldest returns home. They'll be riding in the car as they visit with their aunt next week, so it will be good for them to have something to read.

We also have spring cleaning to do. Yippee, but it needs to be done.

I think that's all for now. I hope your April is going smoothly thus far!

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