Monday, April 05, 2010

April 5

Had nice day back to work; I sure enjoy the students. Looks like I will be there most of the spring now.

Then I got home and we went out to dinner-the girls are with their aunt, so we had dinner out. Luckily we used gift certificates we had gotten for Christmas. We won't be eating out at this restaurant without gift certificates! It was expensive. It tasted good and I am stuffed! I didn't run today but I wish I had! We had dessert and wine!

My husband has his eye on an ipad. He's thinking of getting one. He doesn't spend much on hobbies, so it would be nice for him to get what he'd like.

I'm getting ready to watch the championship basketball game this evening. Hoping for a good game.

Storms are rolling in tonight. The warm weather might move out for a few days.

That's about all for this evening. Nothing earth shattering, but a post. :) Will try to post more interesting info later. :)

Hope your week started off well!

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