Monday, January 09, 2006

Where's the sunshine??

I am missing the sunshine. There isn't any looming in the pending days' forecasts, either. I need the vitamin D!
Anyway, I finished the devotion for circle. I did one titled Sealed with a Prayer. I included Bible readings, a short story from the book "Glimpses of an Invisible God for Women" and a prayer I wrote. It went smoothly. I just hope it affected someone positively.
I also finished a scarf I was knitting for a friend. It's red, warm and soft. I hope she likes it.
Our dinner for tonight is just what we can find, as I haven't been to the grocery in quite a while. Since New Year's Eve, I guess. We're totally out of bread, barely any orange juice and milk, hmmm, what else are we out of...too many things to list. I do, however, have tortillas, cheese, fresh veggies: quesadillas! Gourmet food begins tomorrow (um, yeah, I am not a great cook.) At least then, though, we will have food in the house. I did get four cookbooks for Christmas: 2 Rachel Ray and 2 Paula Dean. I am looking forward to using them...I am also in a baking mood. The flu was going around here at our normal Christmas baking time, so we didn't do our annual baking days. I may squeeze that in this week. I am a pretty good baker.
My exercise program didn't last too long, either. I didn't do anything today! That's not good. I am still working on it, and running tomorrow??
I have to go cook those quesadillas, now.


Christy said...

We had a fend for yourself night too. I always think that I'm going to start cooking more, but I run out of ideas. I do want to pick up the Rachel Ray cookbooks sometime though.

jkhenson said...

That's why I'm so excited to use the Rachel Ray: thirty minutes and you have a whole meal! :) I just made the menu and the grocery list for the week and I'm trying a new recipe tonight-Thurs and then again on Sunday. I will pass on the ones that are good and EASY! :)