Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Recipes

Tonight I cooked:
golden delicious apples in maple syrup and brown sugar
sauteed yellow squash
Pork Chops in Spiced Apple Pan Sauce
and Roasted Broccoli Spears.
The last three things were in one of my Rachel Ray cookbooks. Dear husband totally loved everything! I love it when I try something new and he likes it. Our youngest wasn't too keen on some of the things, but husband was. :)
I learned something new today: I'm trying to start a couple new "bonsais"(Japanese) or penjings (Chinese). I had a dwarf schlefflera (umbrella tree) and I saw a bonsai made from one in a magazine. So, I got a few supplies (I couldn't find real bonsai supplies so I made due with supplies I found at Home Depot and Meijer) and started my plants. Hopefully I can keep them alive long enough to sculpt them! I am doing the "indoor" versions, which consist of tropical plants.
I did some boring stuff like cleaning the two upstairs bathrooms, changing sheets, dusting the upstairs and coordinating/organizing the family calendars, as well.
I also got a new haircut which everyone I've seen has complimented. That makes me feel great, but the sad thing is that I won't be able to make it look like this tomorrow by myself! I hope I can recreate this look because I love it.
I am cropping tomorrow with my sis in law. We're heading to Archiver's which has us registered for food, goody bags and a prime seat at one of their tables. Our youngest daughter will have an overnight at a friend's house, as well, so it will just be husband and oldest daughter.
I need to order our oldest daughter's birthday gifts, tomorrow, too, so it'll be here by the 23rd. That's her eleventh birthday-eleven years old... Anyway, she's requested we repaint her room and get her new bed stuff. She's had a purple room for quite a while, and would like to have it changed, which is understandable! :) Purple...

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Christy said...

You'll have to hook me up with the pork chop recipe. That sounds great.

My birthday is coming up and those cookbooks are on my list. We'll see if anyone is paying attention.