Friday, January 20, 2006

A Friday Jaunt

The hubby and I got the girls off to school and then headed to Amish country and perused a few furniture stores. We were looking for a kitchen table. We didn't order or buy anything, but did decide on the style we liked. We especially liked a cherry one that was rectangle, simple and had two leaves. We had a great lunch. Then we headed back. We spent two hours on the way there driving and two on the way back, but had a nice time chatting along the way, and stopping at out of the way places. When we got back it was about time to get the girls from school.
Last night I went with a friend, and we met two of her friends, for dinner. The food was good and the maragaritas were strong. The company was great. We chatted and enjoyed the food and atmosphere.
We have a pretty slow weekend ahead, dinner at friends' tomorrow, as well as watching the Buckeyes play. Hopefully we can get our oldest a lamp or two for her room to go with her bed stuff to finish off the room for now. Then church on Sunday. Monday is our oldest's birthday and my husband's family comes over for dinner. We're having blueberry pancakes, sausage and I'm not sure what else. I'm thinking she'll choose frozen fruit; the family recipe, and a broccoli quiche. She hasn't chosen a dessert right now.
Both girls are finishing up their Girl Scout Cookie sales, as the forms are to be turned in no later than Monday. They've done ok, not nearly to their goals, but enough. And we will finish out the forms buying a few boxes (a few??) to stuff into the freezer. :)
Yum: tagalongs and thin mints...

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