Wednesday, January 04, 2006

January four looks like flu

Well, day four of January and it looks like the flu has hit again. Our youngest daughter got up at four this morning with an illness and is not attending school today. That is devastating to her, so she puts up quite a fight over it. She got sick at seven this morning, as well, so that was the final call: no school. She's been squawking at me about going to school since. She's been crying and screaming that she's fine!
On the other hand, our oldest is pretty happy because she gets to ride to school with a friend this morning, due to the illness and me not taking the younger out. Our older was up at five with a bloody nose, but no flu symptoms, thank goodness.
We're supposed to be heading up North this Saturday to see my family, but we won't if there is still flu bug in our systems! Hopefully this doesn't go through our entire household like it did the week before Christmas!
On tap for me today, other than taking care of sick girl, is cleaning and reorganizing the basement crawl spaces, file cabinets and other paperwork, and a few other reorganizational tasks. If I don't accomplish all of them, that will be fine, but I want to get as much done as possible. I am crossing my fingers that the younger daughter rests for a while and I can tackle my list of tasks.

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