Sunday, February 09, 2014


We went to my in-laws' house to celebrate my father in-law turning 65. Each family contributed a breakfast food and we all shared something that made him unique to us. My husband, niece and daughter went outside, while we were there, and created a "snow fort". We came home and shoveled the driveway, which is once again covered in snow. Then my husband and I got a nice, warm winter's nap in. Currently he is working and my youngest daughter is reading.

I have more Project Life to plug away at, determined to finish up 2013. I have bills to pay and paperwork on my desk to slog through. I have a few little tasks for my husband's company that I'd like to finish. I would also like to get more reading done on Winter's Tale. I have enjoyed it thus far, but have a long way to go. I have the usual laundry to catch up on, dishwasher to unload and house cleaning to finish up, as well.

Thinking & Dreaming About:
Climbing a mountain (well hiking)- my husband and I have decided we are climbing a mountain in 2014. By climbing I mean hiking, not using my fingertips, ropes, and toes to climb up the face of a cliff-no. I mean a hike somewhere. So far we have decided it must be in the US, and take a day or two-if there is a lodge halfway up. :) We are currently leaning towards Arizona, but we will see as we firm up plans, set goals, etc. Goals/motivation are on my mind. These snow days have slowed my progress and motivation, with running, house organization, task completion, everything. Well, except hibernation and eating too much, of course.

How are you feeling this February, Dear Reader?

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