Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Helpful Sites

Feedly keeps me up to date on my favorite blogs.  This week, the last of this kind for a while, is under the heading "Inspiration", for me. I appreciate the authors and their topics.

  1. I love Life by Kal Barteski has wonderful inspiration for the eyes and the mind. I appreciate her point of view tremendously.
  2. I found this blog, Keeping Tabs, through someone who knows the author. She suggested her friends read about this Ohio girl who has/is traveling the world. She often posts wonderful pictures, too.
  3. I began following Lisa Leonard when some women in the scrapbook community suggested it. First, her jewelry was beautiful and connected with the one little word concept. But her faith and life story keep me reading.
  4. I'm not sure how I stumbled across Lisa Russo, but once I did, I fell in love with her art. Her photographs speak to my heart and style. I have been changing some of the design, here at my house, cleaning out spaces in our home, as well as extraneous decor and am dreaming of the day when I can add her work to our home. I haven't, yet, but I will. Once I fell for her art, I continued to read her blog and appreciate how similar we are. 
  5. Vicky and Jen: "What Really Matters"-I originally found them via their podcasts. I appreciated their home/mom advice as I listened. Then I began to follow their blog. There is some overlap, but not always, with the podcast. Two down-to-earth moms who work at bettering life.
  6. The next two blogs don't have posts too often, as they are busy people, so I can relate, but I appreciate glimpses into their family lives-their real life. They inspire me, both in different ways. The first is It Matters by Darci Dowdle, a mom of 5 kids and a woman journeying with her faith.
  7. Jenny Meyerson: Learn with Jenny-I first saw a video of her through a scrapbooker's blog-dancing. An amazing lady on a journey through life as a mom and wife.
Do you have blogs that you read because they inspire you? Hope you are well, Reader.

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