Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It's been a few days without a post, but I am still here.
I'm still:
*Taking pics and documenting for Project Life
*Reading my Bible daily
*Eating fairly well for all three meals
*Drinking homemade coffee with little sugar and a little cream only
*Getting over this stinking chest cold
*Taking care of my oldest girl who is getting over this stinking chest cold
*Proud of my husband who ran 7 days in a row, 30 minutes each time and only took today off to meet his sister and her husband for dinner.

I'm also still:
*Waist deep in laundry, ok, not waist deep, but there's a lot of it. :)
*Working in a messy office (I told you I need to find a better way to organize so I can work and STAY organized)
*Need to go to bed earlier
*Stop snacking in the evenings
*Checking FB way too often and Pinterest, too
*Behind on all my scrapbooking goals
*Swamped with teaching and my own class...

So, back to work for me. :) What are you still up to? :)

1 comment:

Isabelle said...

Oh, still retired and enjoying learning the piano.