Friday, January 06, 2012

Other People's OLW

I saw some other posts on people's One Little Word and really appreciated them, as well as their choices.

Lisa Leonard (whose blog I love, products I love:)) chose Cherish for the year.

As I mentioned earlier, Ali Edwards' long list of words on the blog-she'll probably talk about hers soon.

Love Julie's Balance as a choice!

Hadn't seen this blog before, but loved Tiffany's post about the tree and her word being "grow".

Always love Sir Scapalot's digi scrapbooking work and liked his thoughts on his OLW

Here's a little blurb on a cute site: Elle's Studio where Ali talks about beginning the OLW and how she's doing a class dealing with it, this year. Looks fun!

These have definitely got my brain juices going. Now if only I didn't have so many things to do. I will probably have more time to focus on it... in June? ;) What about you, Wonderful Reader? :)

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