Monday, January 02, 2012

Right Now January

Right now I am happy to be posting for two days in a row.

Right now I have 42 unread emails in my inbox and 92 emails total-most of which can be deleted or filed. Some I need to reply to. I used to be so good at that...

Right now my google reader has 53 posts to read or organize. I have enjoyed Pinterest for helping me to link posts I like and then remove them from reader.

Right now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with schoolwork-I am taking a class (we have to take some classes, as teachers, every so often to renew your license and not let it expire. I am due... I am taking one now and will take another directly after.) I am also trying to prepare a new unit for my students and am nervous about the whole thing. I have to prepare them for the National Geographic Bee... Still organizing thoughts and ideas.

Right now I am very excited about Project Life. I got the info/products last year, but I didn't have everything organized, laid out and accessible so I could actually use it as our daily lives chugged along. I am really very ready to be scrapping! :) I have been working on kits from scrapscription and enjoyed that, but am ready for the daily.

Right now my two biggest time wasters are Facebook and Pinterest. Contemplating stopping FB for the new year. A whole year? A month? Lent, when it comes around? What to do? Learn how to be adult and moderate FB intake? :)

Right now I am thinking that my first "baby" will be turning 17 this month and I CAN.NOT.BELIEVE.IT. She has her first boyfriend and it's sweet and scary all at the same time.

Right now I listen to my dog snoring on my office floor-he isn't even supposed to be up here, but I like his company. We have had several family and friends who have had to put their pets down lately and I am dreading the day when my almost-twelve-year-old weimaraner goes. He's been losing weight and not eating much over the last couple days, causing worry. Our other dog, almost eleven year old beagle, has a tumor that is getting quite large, too, and the vet wasn't very optimistic.

Right now I am very thankful that my husband got me this for Christmas. It is helping me keep my goal of getting rid of Starbucks. I stopped drinking it completely on Dec. 4. I have had a cup or two when my husband has brought me a "surprise" but that was two times in the last month. Back to regular coffee. I have had milk and sugar-not all the way to black coffee, yet. :) Down to 50 cents a day as opposed to almost 4 dollars a day...

Right now I am scurrying off to get to work-tomorrow I head back to school/teaching and I have yet to cross things off my "winter break to-do list". Wish me luck! What are you up to "right now"?

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Isabelle said...

I'm reading your blog! And today we've taken down the Christmas decorations. Happy New Year!