Thursday, January 05, 2012

One Little Word

The past few years, I have chosen "one little word" to work on the entire year.

One year I chose Faith. I wanted to dig more into my faith, celebrate my family's faith. We did and we all got baptized as a family that year.

One year I worked on peace, and one year grace. I liked the sound of both. I really studied peace, more, looking up passages in the Bible with it.

Last year I wanted to think of all three, although the one little word slipped my mind in the focused sense.

This year I'm still choosing. I want a word that inspires me to keep going, working on who I want to be as a person. I went to Ali's list of word choices she's accumulated this year and I started writing down words I liked... I wrote down 20 and hadn't gotten out of the e's yet. I need to give it more concentrated thought.

Any ideas as to what one little word would be for you this year, Dear Reader?

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