Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 Goals

I've given a lot of thought to my goals. We'll see if I can keep them. :) I'm going to try, though.

1. More than 500 miles running (500 miles last year and am hoping to top it this year)
2. 1/2 marathon under 1:50:23, my PR last Oct.
3. at least 30 minutes of exercise daily-running 5-6 days
4. no eating after 8 pm
5. continue avoiding Starbucks-still drinking homemade coffee, though. :)

6. Organize one room/area per month throughout the year {I know I "organize" some of these throughout the year, but they still aren't to my liking, yet}:
-bedroom and closet
-my den/office
-kitchen cupboards
-other food areas: fridge, upstairs freezer and downstairs freezer, lazy susan and pantry
-laundry cupboards and room
-closets (living room, near kitchen)
-dining room and living room
-basement living area
-basement crawl space 1
-basement crawl space 2
-my items in garage like gardening and bird seed

Do more:
7. reading Bible
8. reading books other than Bible
9. drink more water
10. write in a journal weekly/daily-I think writing things down for Project Life will help
11. scrapbook on a more regular basis-see Project Life. :)
12. Blog more/daily
13. Take more pictures-I used to, but slacked off last year.

14...Be a good person, mother, teacher, friend, family member... That's an easy one, right?? ;) I look at my seemingly long list. These are things I always want to work on. Will this year be the year I am who I hope to be? None of these is major, they are all doable.
What are your goals for the year, Dear Reader?

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Thimbleanna said...

A great list Ms. Mom! I think my list is much like yours only I never seem to get around to alot of them. My number one goal should be to spend less time on the computer. I can't help it though -- I want to see what everyone is up to!