Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who knew

Who knew there were so many calories in everything I enjoy eating? :) I read a post on Cathy Zielske's blog that talked about a great site. I can keep track of what I eat everyday, put in a weight goal (lose a pound per week, gain a pound per week, etc.), exercise, etc. And in a minimal amount of time. It's The Daily Plate. It's great. Inspires me to get more exercise. I did not pay to be a "gold member" and I like the services I get. I was snacking on some packs of peanut butter crackers... Um, about 200 calories and my Starbucks drink-the mid-size- is 160 calories! My four mile runs... that takes away 274 or so. Anyway, I've enjoyed taking a look at it, and I thought you might, too.
I'm reading a book I found in the "new" section at our library: Practically Perfect by Katie Fforde. It's pleasant so far. A quick read; I found it yesterday and am on chapter 6. My husband is listening to "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett on cd and is about three quarters of the way through. He's enjoying it. It's funny; he had heard from a friend how good it was, saw it at the library, started listening to it, and then we saw my mom over the weekend who had just started it because it was a "book club book".
I ran four miles yesterday and we went to the pool again. Both forms of exercise felt good... especially knowing I was erasing things I ate earlier. :))
My dear friend should have arrived back in England this week, here's to hoping she is there safe and sound.
Thanks, Christy, for the book suggestions! I picked up Suite Francaise at the library to read next! :) I am reserving the others. And I appreciated your reply to the "survey"! :))
My friend who had her surgery (due to breast cancer) is doing well. Thank you for your prayers. She was up and smiling yesterday when I picked up her two oldest kids. She's a tough, positive lady. Made me think my running boo-hoo's were pretty whiney and inconsequential, you know?
That's all for now. Hope you are well.

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momo said...

hey, girlfriend! just getting caught up on you! i feel like i've been in a black hole the past few weeks, i think that happens when you go on vacation, right?

i think i would be very afraid to calculate the calories i have been eating lately. my appetite hasn't quite gone away since ironman.

glad the kids are feeling good and i'm glad you're running. i wonder if there is someone in your neighborhood that might want to run with you? having a running partner makes it so much easier to stay motivated. or maybe one of the girls could do a mile or two with you. i'm hoping frankie will want to run with me sometime soon.

big hugs to you!!