Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I found out today that my favorite location will be closing in less than a month. Yes, it is expensive coffee. However, they are one of few places who use recycled/recyclable products (cups, materials, etc). They even save the grounds in a "Use for your Garden" bag after they've produced coffee, so I can bring it home and put the grounds on my garden. They also use coffee beans that are not a detriment to the environment. Starbucks is on a short list of coffeemakers that are triple certified, meaning it is organic, shade grown, and fairly traded. This is why I don't mind shelling out more money to get my coffee at Starbucks. Also, I love the staff that are trained to know my name, my usual drink, and be friendly, as well as correct and swift in making the drink. No, other places in the area do not share these distinctions. I used to enjoy the other places, but the workers act like you're interrupting their day and inconveniencing them when you order. I don't like to start my mornings that way.
What a life I have that I can be sad about my way-too-much-per-cup-of-coffee-place closing and not something more important, hm?

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Juls said...

Not only the points that you bring up but they actually look at the customers and smile too. Wow!