Thursday, July 24, 2008

Camping and Other Adventures

Last weekend we went camping with my in laws. We had a wonderful time! We went a few hours to a campground on Lake Erie. We had some rain, but luckily we were in a pop-up instead of a tent! :) We spent time on the beach, biking, and traveled to some local sights. We saw Kelly's Island, Marblehead's lighthouse, among other things. We had a nice time just being together with family, too. We got great exercise, but ate a lot, too! :) My in laws made a blueberry cobbler in a dutch oven over the fire. YUM! We made a taco salad one night, very simple but yummy, and healthy, if you limit the dressing. We also tried a new dessert recipe: chocolate raspberry burritos. My husband was skeptical when I found and suggested it, but it was a great hit. We added mini marshmallows to the recipe. I went running one day; when I headed out at 6:30 it was sprinkling and the campground was quiet. When I got back, it was pouring and people were up and about. It was a wonderful rain run. Not too cold, not storming. It was perfect. Animals were out and about, but hardly any humans were stirring. :) Loved it!
I finished Beach House by Jane Green (a slow start, because I think I expected something different, but a good story once I got into it) and started The Art of Racing the Rain by Garth Stein. It's pretty good so far. I have them checked out from the library and, because they're new books, they are only out for 14 days, whereas the Suite Francaise book is out for much longer, as it is older. I still have it and am going to read it. :) I will keep you posted, Molly. :) Our trip to camping had a few hour ride both ways so I began reading aloud to the family. I'm reading a fun book, that has been a great read aloud thus far: The Name of this Book Is Secret. It's been quite funny and all of us are interested. I've been reading a chapter or two a night to the family since we've been back and the girls say "we can't be done; read one more chapter!" :)
Few little notes:
  • I have been running almost everyday and am enjoying it! :)
  • We're up to 39 state postcards! :)
  • Sadly, the Japanese beetles have returned. They've turned my beautiful daisies and purple coneflowers into brown, shrivels.
That's all my news for now. Thanks for reading!

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