Thursday, November 18, 2010


Attention! Finally posting again! ;)

First, thankful feathers are sent and some received already! I say already because it still feels like September, not November! :) And, yes, Thanksgiving is here in a week from today. Wow. Time has truly gone even faster than years past, I think! I saw this wonderful gratitude idea that I think may become another holiday tradition at our house! Be sure to check out it's follow up post, also, that updates you on their gratitude progress.

I have not bought any Christmas gifts, yet, except for a small stocking stuffer or two for my daughters. I just haven't. Terrible, I know, when so many people are done already. My husband is of the mind-well we both have been for years, now-that we should exchange names with family instead of everyone buying for everyone. It is a topic for further discussion... I do have all our Christmas cards and address labels printed, so that's something.

Isabelle, speaking of holidays, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when most stores in the US do some sort of a sale. A big sale, and often open very early (like 5am!) So, people take their ads, their shopping lists, arise at a very early hour to go get the best deals on those Christmas gifts. We have gone for years (picking up the family members around 5:30 or 6) simply for the fun of being together, more than the "deals". :) My mom, aunt, grandma, and more recently, my daughters and I, all go together, and go home around lunchtime. We have, in years past, shopped until dinner time, but most recent years we haven't had any serious deals we really needed that badly. :) It's a fun "girl" day. :) This year, the husband has to work (he works for someone who will be having sales/coupon codes/deals and he's a computer guy, so if there is an issue with said codes/sales, etc. he has to be available to help.)

I have been making a list of things to blog about for the future, so hopefully I can get back into the habit! :) I am thinking this about exercise, too! :)

Our life group has been taking a book from the Bible and reading it over the two weeks between meetings for discussion. This month is Philippians, which has been one of my favorites since I started to read the Bible on my own. Not reading anything other than that, and blog posts, and haven't gotten to read/reply to many of those lately, either!

We are having renovations done on our home, still. Extending our stoop/step to a full porch, siding and windows replaced (here's to lower heating bills! :)) and stone on the lower front of our house. I'm so happy with it. Just a few things to finish up. Except for the melting siding... Well, that's a story for another day!

Here's to a cohesive post next time, with more detail and expanding on one topic instead of random tidbits about everything. ;) Take care, and stay healthy, dear reader, as flu season is creeping in...

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