Friday, November 19, 2010

Finish It Friday!

On a blog, Simplify 101, the author talks about Finish It Fridays. I may have referenced it already, but it is still a nice idea. She checks in on Fridays with her "to-do" lists, play and chores. Then she checks in on Monday and lets the readers know what has been accomplished. It's a nice way to hold myself accountable, I think, so I have made a Finish it Friday post.

*catch up on laundry-no major weekend plans, so I have time to finally catch up! (general cleaning of the house, too...)
*pick up dry cleaning-I have two pairs of pants that were ready last Saturday but I keep forgetting to stop, until they're closed for the day.
*Schoolwork- I have some documentation for teachers that I wrote by hand, which I need to type up, and I have to fill in my timecard
*desk folders-I have folders I have been putting papers in "to-do-later" and later is this weekend.
*purge something/some room. I worked on my closet last weekend, hanging all the clothes with the hangers backwards, as I use them I put them back with the hangers the correct way and then, if by spring break, I haven't worn them, they go to a charity. :) It was a nice feeling. (What was not so nice was the clothes that don't fit anymore due to potato chip weight...)

*Run in the fundraiser 5K race for my daughter's cross country team-both girls and I are doing it tomorrow morning. I picked up our bib numbers last night. :)
*scrapbook something-anything! I have been wanting to, but haven't given myself permission to, but now that it's on my list, I have to. :))
*spend 10-30 minutes in iphoto organizing good photos and purging bad photos-yep, that's fun for me. :)
*clean out emails by replying to friends/family-I also enjoy this (regular readers know I have always loved to send cards, letters, etc, but have gotten shorter on time and fallen off-and send out some cards
*Start reading a book-been in the mood to read, my brain has been craving it, actually, but I have found other things to do (see scrapbooking above!)

So, it's "penciled in" and "down on paper". Fingers crossed it all gets done! :)) What's on your Finish it Friday list?

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