Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekend Plans and past

It's another Saturday. The holidays have begun to arrive. We had Thanksgiving break/holiday, here. We went to see my family in another state on Wednesday morning and came home late Thursday night. My girls and I got up at 4:30 am to shop on Friday. Found lots of people and a few ok deals, but nothing awesome. :) I went with a list in mind and things in particular to look for. I found some of them and found some of them all bought up this year. Then we went to my husband's parents' for breakfast at 9, did a little more shopping (at the places that weren't open yet at 5!) then home to get out Christmas decorations. Today we went to my sister-in-law's to watch a college football game. My team won so I was delighted. :) Great way to end our regular season. :) We headed home, I wrapped the first few presents of the season, and then I sat down at my computer to pay bills and blog. :) Tomorrow we go on our annual tree cutting adventure. My husband's whole family is coming, even his sis and her new beau. :) YEAH! :) I don't know who is more excited, my mother-in-law or myself. :)

I have a finish it friday list and I have tackled almost everything on it:
*pay bills-check! :)
*tackle papers (magazine subscription gift renewals for Christmas gifts among them-check!)
*laundry (will this task ever go away? ;))
*clean house
*catch up on school documents, I worked on this some, on our drive to see my family. I don't have a lot to do, it's just time consuming with lots of documents open
*Christmas card letter-we all did a paragraph this year and I need my husband to do his part so I can input it and print them to get the cards out this week. :)

*scrapbook-will I get to it this week? :)
*read-haven't picked up my book since last weekend. Have a new book of the Bible for lifegroup to be working on, too, which is Ecclesiastes.
*cut and decorate tree :) All the other decorations are up!
*run-I haven't ran in a week! I did eat a healthy Thanksgiving meal, though! Uh-oh! :)
*Work on a blog topic list-I have a few ideas, but need more-so I don't just sit down and type up my to-do list! :)

How is your weekend progressing? Anything wonderful or fretful happening in your life? I hope all is positive and well with you, Reader.

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Thimbleanna said...

It sounds like you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. And look at all you've accomplished -- congratulations! Can you believe it's almost over? I'm not ready to go back to work!