Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Minutes

Time to check in on my Finish it Friday checklist! :) I really worked hard at the list, since I knew I had to check in, here! :))

*catch up on laundry-Got all but a couple blankets and one set of sheets done. We are all caught up on clothes except for what we wore yesterday and today! :)
*pick up dry cleaning-I have to say I forgot about this on Saturday until they had closed and they weren't open on Sunday, however, I picked them up this afternoon! :)
*Schoolwork- I did some documentation for teachers, but did not fill in my timecard
*desk folders-I didn't finish this... still sitting here next to me
*purge something/some room. I went through some tubs in the basement crawl space, had the girls go through toys in the basement and went through the Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations as I put them back in to the crawl space. We took a van load of things to the charity where we give things away this afternoon!
*Another thing I added was to put stamps and return address labels on all of my Christmas card envelopes. I finished that. I still have to write up the letter, check recipient addresses, and get them finished, but I made a few steps. :))

*Run in the fundraiser 5K race for my daughter's cross country team-both girls and I went and helped set up at 7am on Saturday and cleaned up after we each ran. It was so nice! :) After donations were in, there will be $4000 in groceries donated to the local food bank! :)
*scrapbook something-:( my first sad face in the post. I didn't do this yet...
*spend 10-30 minutes in iphoto organizing good photos and purging bad photos-I did spend almost 20 minutes working on this, and am looking forward to doing it again soon. :)
*clean out emails by replying to friends/family-I did clean out my emails from my inbox-there were 168 total and now there are 50, after replies, deletions and emails I unsubscribed to (more purging! :)) I also caught up on most, not all, of the wonderful blogs I read. I even commented on some! :)
*Start reading a book-I finished reading Philippians for our life group meeting, and started rereading the second book in the Mitford series. I have loved this book since I was about halfway through the first book. I don't mind rereading them, and it's been such a long time since I read them. So, I started the second book. :)

That's all for today's post. Hoping to keep posting more often... but we are entering the holidays... :) Take care, Reader. :)
How did you do on your weekend to-do list? :)

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