Saturday, October 30, 2010


I had to stay home from work yesterday, feeling "icky". I had lost my voice the night before, and then coughed during the night instead of sleeping. I tried to rest, but we're having construction done on our house, so the noise level wasn't what I required for daytime sleeping. My dogs were concerned that I wasn't safe with these new people on our property, so they were not conducive to daytime sleeping, either. Also, the construction fellows plugged all their equipment into one outlet and blew the fuse requiring me to answer the door (still in my pajamas and having no voice) to see what they needed. Last night I still coughed as much as I slept and today I have no energy. I'm not saying poor me, since there are people in the world with worse ailments, for sure. Just have that frustrated feeling: too much to do and too little time... combined with too little energy and too much coughing. :)

On a happier note, definitely not "Ick", I am enjoying my job so much! The kids are great, and they think working with me is fun (I think working with them is fun, too! :)) They all ask "when are you going to take me out and work with me??!" :) I hope they're learning a lot. I'm seeing progress, but I hope it continues. In my experience, thus far, I think they've gotten a concept down, they're showing great progress and then when I work with them again the next day it seems like it's disappeared somewhat... We'll see how it is going after a few more times and fingers crossed I find a way to make it stick better! :) I've thoroughly enjoyed working with a variety of ages (grades 2-5) and subject matter (Language arts of all kinds like writing, and reading fluency, and a variety of math topics like division, fractions, measurement, subtracting and basic facts, to name a few.)

Both of my girls' fall sports are over, which is a boost of time to our schedule. I've been thinking about the upcoming holidays... For the first time in quite a few years our plans have changed. We usually go to my parents' and visit my family over Thanksgiving and black Friday, and then stay home, visiting my husband's parents over Christmas. My husband's employer-well the company his company is consulting for-is requiring his services over black Friday... So, our plans are being reworked. Not sure how, yet, but they are. :) The thankful feathers are in process. :) Actually, I should be working on the letter to send out with the feathers right now... so I should sign off. I hope you are well, and your fall is going wonderfully, dear reader. :))

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Isabelle said...

Glad you're so happy in your work.

What's black Friday? That's what we used to call what we now call Good Friday, but that can't be it, near Thanksgiving.