Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sleepover Guests

Since Thursday, I have had two little children in my house. They are family friends. Their dad won a trip to Hawaii through his work, all expenses paid. So, the couple couldn't pass it up. We volunteered to keep the kids, ages two and four, until today. Our oldest turns twelve this week, so she's having a sleepover tonight, so we couldn't keep them the whole time their parents were away. They don't have school tomorrow, thus the Sunday sleepover. I had planned to do it Friday, but rearranged to keep the little ones. They were really very good. I didn't sleep well, for worry that they'd need something in the night, which was always the case when my girls were little. Speaking of my girls, they were a tremendous help. I would play with the little ones and entertain them, and then my girls would take over while I got dinner ready and help keep them happy at bedtime, as well. I had forgotten how exhausting little ones can be, :) and was ready for bed each night! Their parents don't get back until Wednesday, we passed them onto other friends this morning, and then they head home, but with their grandparents tomorrow, for the last two days.
Tonight, my oldest is having four friends over-a "sleepover" ironic, because not much sleep is had by the girls, nor the parents! :) We usually get the guests a "goody bag" to take home, but this year we got some letters (the first letter of each guests' name) and scrapbook paper, embellishments and stickers, to decoupage on the letters. So, that is what they will "create" after dinner (ordered pizza) and take home instead of goody bags.
We have traditions for sleepovers: order pizza for dinner, and have "trail mix" in the evening while they watch movies. For breakfast, we all troop to the local donut shop drive through in our pjs. :) And then naps in the afternoon after the guests have all gone home, or the girls here will be too cranky! :)
I haven't ran in a while, again. Which makes me feel so bad-I've been eating as though I will be hibernating soon!
I finished two books since I blogged last: the Treasures of the Weatherbys, which was fine. I also finished the scrapbooking mystery: Motif for Murder. That was good. Went by very fast, as do all her scrapbooking mysteries. This one was still in hardback, so I doubt she has any new ones coming out soon. I have begun to read my husband's last purchase: the Life of Pi and I think I will restart the tea shop mysteries, that my mom liked so well, by the author of the scrapbooking mysteries.
I have not yet begun to knit anything...I have the supplies...and know the basic knit stitch, but that is all although, on the crafty front, I have finished a project that I started a while back. I created scrapbooks for my daughters that have pictures of all the furniture, quilts, blankets, etc. that have been handmade by family. My dad made the girls each a bed and dresser from oak, my grandpa made each girl a baby cradle for their dolls, finishing the one for my youngest daughter the day he died, and we have other items from family members, as well. I wanted them to know my memories of the pieces, and why they were important to the family. I made one for my oldest that is 8 x 8 and I've finished the layouts, and journaling, but am still putting the finishing touches on one for my younger daughters 6 x 6 album. I hope the books, and more importantly, the pieces, become important to them as they grow.
It has finally begun to snow here and we will even get some accumulation!! Yeah!
Well, time for church.

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