Thursday, January 04, 2007

Running Again

I just feel so much better about myself when I am running. I feel less stressed, I feel fit, I feel good. Well, I started again. My goal is another marathon, if I can fit it in the schedule when the long runs get tough. Although, I just need to make it a priority. So, my current plan is to run everyday that I don't substitute teach. On those days I will yoga 30-50 minutes. I have a good video that gives some cardio, as well as the flexibility poses. This morning I ran for my first day in a while... I ran almost four miles in 30:18. When I start and it's this windy (today it is very windy!) I usually get a "runner's cough" for a few hours. My knees are also sore. Probably because I haven't ran in a while and I started with four miles! :) That's what I like, though. Two miles isn't enough for me anymore. It feels like I'm just getting started! :) Well, that is my current goal/achievement.


Isabelle said...

Four miles. Good grief. You must have excellent basic fitness. I'm impressed! Happy New Year to you and yours. You have a lovely positive attitude, which I'm rather lacking just at this moment...

jkhenson said...

You have reason to be a little down in the dumps! Here, I send you hugs. (I hope you like hugs! :))Your mum and pop are cause for any daughter to worry!
And thanks for your compliments! :)
Happy New Year, after all you're going through, doesn't seem like enough. I hope it does get happier, easier and healthier!!