Sunday, January 05, 2014

One Little Word 2014- Light

Each year, since I read about Ali Edward's concept of the One Little Word, I have tried to set one for myself. A few of the years I have really tried to live it out. A few years, conversely, I have let it slip by unnoticed. This year I have resolved for it to guide me and be present in my mind and heart, to live it and I look forward to it. I also love reading about other people's OLW, how they chose them, what it means to them... all meaningful to me, like Stephanie Howell's blog post, here. And Elise's post, here.

I began to think over my word and what it might be, as I do every year. I was stuck. My past words were:
Faith 2008
Peace 2009
Grace 2010
Read (which I can't even remember thinking over... so this wasn't a particularly definitive word choice/year for me...) 2011
Brave 2012
Grow 2013

And this year, my word is Light. I popped onto Pinterest the other morning and the first thing I saw was this piece of art. I knew Light was to be my word for the year, my One Little Word. I began to pin a "One Little Word" board on Pinterest, letting myself be inspired and soaking it in. Many ideas began to swirl in my mind:

  • eat light-fitness
  • be light to others-sharing a good attitude
  • live light-live clean, get rid of the junk and think about what I choose to carry with me
  • find my light-seek light and seek my faith (with teaching a Bible study, chaplain classes and my funeral coordinator's job, I see this one coming to fruition-hopefully! :))
  • let my soul be light-with less worry
  • light the way-be a good example for my girls
  • lighten the load-less stuff, better budget, burdens of others?
  • leave the light on-connect with others
  • light streaming-work with my plants more-I love to work with plants, inside and out, but have let it slip away
  • travel light-go somewhere new? a trip or a new restaurant, a new museum for new ideas/sights?
  • lighten expectations-will I be a knitter or sewer/quilter? relax about it and if it doesn't come, remove those expectations from myself, as well as supplies I won't ever use and let them go
I let all these just come and wash over me, one triggering the next. Then, when no more thoughts like this came, I looked up common phrases with the word "light" in them. It was fun! I'm hoping to apply them throughout the year to something, although I'm not sure what just yet. A couple I found were:
  • guiding light
  • light as a feather
  • at first light/light of day
  • light years away
  • out like a light
I thought of some songs right away, as well:
  • This Little Light of Mine
  • Learning to be the Light
  • Jesus, Light of the World
  • Thy Word
For a few of my previous words I ordered a charm for a necklace or a ring to be a constant reminder. I still have and wear almost daily, my rings of the past words: grace, grow and peace. I ordered my light ring from the same place, here on etsy. I'm ready to tackle 2014 with Light. :) Do you have a One Little Word? Or are you still choosing one? 

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Isabelle said...

I'm afraid my word is "sad" because my daughter has gone to live in London. But I don't think that's what you had in mind... . I suppose I should try to be more positive about it, but it's hard. Good for you, anyway.