Monday, January 06, 2014

Social Media Monday-Resolutions

On one of my social media spots I saw a link for this post by Aby at Simplify 101. It was called "Lessons Learned from Setting 13 Goals in One Year". I enjoyed her look-back at her goals and what she achieved. And, while I visited some of these during my One Little Word post from yesterday, I am setting 14 goals, here, now, as well. :) It is 2014, after all. :)

  1. Run 900 miles-this was my goal the past two years and last year I finally came close. 
  2. Fall half marathon under 1:45:00 
  3. No new running injuries and healing the old... Fingers crossed for that, please!
  4. Read 24 books-I finished one that I will tell you about on Wednesday and am in the midst of the second-this cold, pending snow weather helps! :)
  5. Reach my goal weight. Over the last three years I have gotten down close about July and then worked my way back up to the same weight I have started at by December. I want to reach my goal weight and stay there all year! :) {see "eat light" from yesterday}
  6. Make 1 craft from Pinterest per month-I always pin things I want to make or try and then never do anything with them. If I can't accomplish this goal, then my craft board from Pinterest will require some re-thinking in December.
  7. Make 1 recipe from Pinterest per week-I enjoy my weekly installment of "Recipes I've tried this week" here on the blog and I enjoy trying new recipes, so this is a set goal.
  8. Finish my 2013 Project Life-I did really well until July, then I didn't put any other pictures in... so hoping to finish it. I am not tackling it again this year; I always get disappointed when I don't get it done. 
  9. Mini albums or online albums. I have a few sites I'd like to try, and I think it would be fun to do a small, online or paper, album for each month's pictures for the year. Just a thought in the works...
  10. Finish a rag quilt-I actually have one I started with my mom a couple years ago. It got placed into a colored tub with a lid and I found it over the summer. I tackled it a few months ago and my sewing machine stopped working. I tried my daughter's and it quit, too. So, we had both repaired and the moment of truth is around the corner-will they work? Will I get it finished?? :) Hopefully-I'm thinking it would be nice to snuggle under as the temps dip below 0! {"lighten expectations" from yesterday's post}
  11. Send 1 card or note-not email-per week. Just one-in 7 days, 168 hours, actually, I should be able to find time to let people know I care! I did one on Saturday this past weekend, so one this week is done! :) {"leave the light on" from yesterday}
  12. Daily Devotionals-I got into a good habit of reading my devotional and Bible at the end of last year and I'd like to keep it going. {see "find my light" from yesterday}
  13. Clean/organize one room or full item of furniture per month {"lighten the load" from previous post}
  14. This is an open goal. It is something I want to leave unknown and revisit later. It might be writing a book, entering a new profession, taking a sewing or knitting class, taking a college class, mentoring or volunteering, skiing... I don't know. I learned in 2013 that a year is a long time and anything can happen. I never thought I'd change my goals and dreams away from teaching but I did. I never thought I'd be content just... waiting... but I am. I am praying on it and I hope God will guide me.
What are your resolutions? Do you make them? These are more like long-term goals, which I think we should always have, and revisit. I hope your new year has started out well, Reader!

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow! What a lofty set of goals Jen. They all sound great though -- especially the Pinterest goals -- I've been thinking I should do the same thing!