Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have finally decided on my "one little word". Just like last year, I sat and struggled through wonderful words in our language. I wrestled over the combination of goals/activities I wanted to accomplish, as well as things I wanted to change in myself and succinct words I could use as motivation. I thumbed through pages of ideas, clicked through websites with similar "one word" interests. I talked them over with my family, too.

Then I prayed about it. And our sermon in church the next Sunday focused on grace; the kind we give others, the kind we give ourselves and the kind we are Given. It made me think. Last year I "received" my word in church, too. It just felt right. So, this year my word is grace.

I picked grace because: first, I am so thankful God blesses us with His grace. I would be nowhere without it. I also picked it because I don't work on my actions showing that appreciation. I don't work hard enough at my daily delving into Words and descriptions of His grace.

Also, I sometimes am impatient with my immediate family. When something isn't going right, I don't extend them grace, I snap at them. That is something I want to work on. I try to be so positive with others, that sometimes in the bustle of life I forget to be positive with my three most beloved members of my family. I need to extend grace.

I need to look at the grace of life, too. I will be thirty five this year on my birthday (I know, a youngster ;)) but I haven't eaten or exercised with grace lately. I haven't felt graceful, I have felt more overweight than ever before (although I'm still average to the population, I am not the fit runner I once was...)

So, these are the reasons I chose grace and am striving to accomplish the goals I've set for myself.

What "one little word" have you chosen for your life?? If you haven't, I encourage you to.


Michael said...

Great choice, Jen -- and if you saw my FB post a few days ago, you may recall that this word is at the top of my list too. Grace to you, friend!

Molly said...

Grace, like kindness [and many other things] begins at home....Great pic of Dad and daughter!

Thimbleanna said...

A great word for this year! Years ago someone pondered with me, why it is that we're so kind to others and go to such great lengths to be of service to them (doing favors, making special treats, etc.), yet we were often short with our immediate family and they received the routine meals and treats. After that, I tried to reserved the special treats for my family -- I wasn't always successful, but it was a great lesson. The magic belongs to those we love the most!