Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Grow & Goals

I sit here with a hot mug of green tea. That is a first for me. Growth. :) {Granted, it's only Jan. 2, but who's counting? :)) I have goals in mind for the year, hopes, a long list, of course. *Less worry, more growth: Instead of worrying, I need to work on growing my perspectives. Many changes are ahead in 2013, some I see coming, some I won't. Our oldest daughter graduates high school and heads off to college this year. Our youngest "graduates" middle school and becomes a high schooler. Those are big milestones. I can't worry about what's ahead-the known and the unknown. I just have to continue to grow in faith that it is all in God's hands. *I need to grow in wisdom. I would be such a better teacher if I read more historical information, researched teaching methods more. I need to grow as a Social Studies teacher and student of the history I'm teaching. I need to grow in my knowledge outside the textbooks I teach from. I have done that somewhat, but have so far to go. *Attention span is shrinking for me-too much social media, too little motivation. I need to grow in concentration, get back where I used to be. *I need my time with the Lord and His Word to grow. It has atrophied, as of late. *My exercise regimen needs to grow-since I have been running less {And eating more!} I need to try different things. I have been doing other exercises along with my short, slow distances, over the last few days and it feels good. Moving more, and getting back to watching what I eat. I've gotten back on again. So my growth in awareness of what I'm eating is coming around, as well. *I fell off the scrapbook wagon the last few years and, as I watch our oldest daughter preparing to leave the nest, I have so many moments I want to document, so much I want to get down on paper... So soon she will be gone from our home, at least on a daily basis... I put wheels in motion for this, as well. I have begun organizing all my Project Life supplies: I've had them for a year or more, but never get past January. I have talked with other friends who scrap and we are getting dates on the calendar, as well. I'm excited. It's a hobby I love, but I don't sit down and put it all together. *I want to grow in activities: I loved my two kayaking trips last year. I'd love to take that up as a hobby, making my core and arms strong in the process. I also want to ski-I cross country skied when I was young and I loved it. That would make me strong, as well. In this beautiful 8 inches or so of snow we currently have, I'd love it! *I need to grow as a person. I used to be more aware of others, sending cards and notes, calling and emailing, letting people know I was thinking of them, checking in on what happened with them. Lately I have been too caught up in my own world to do so and that makes me disappointed in myself. I need to get better. *I would like to grow in my blogging. I enjoy it when I do it, and I feel as if I have journaled important moments. I would like to continue to get better at this, too. *One last growth goal-this has to do with my organization goals, but it's more than that. I need to work on growth in minimalism. I have-we all have-too much "stuff". I went in the crawl space to get out my Christmas decorations, and then later my snowmen, and it is full of stuff we never see or look at. Just too many things I/we don't need, or even want. I need to purge. I get this way every year and then our busy schedules overtake me. This year, I want my give-away/garage sale pile to "grow". Wow, as I look back over this list-wow, if it all gets accomplished it will be an amazing year! :)

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