Tuesday, January 01, 2013

One Little Word 2013

Hello, Reader! Happy New Year! I have chosen my One Little Word and after much thought I have chosen Grow. I have chosen words, after reading Ali Edwards posts, since 2008. My first few years I really worked on it. I posted the word around the house, found quotes and Bible verses to inspire me... My words have been: Faith (2008) Peace (2009) Grace (2010) Read (2011) Brave (2012) And then in '11 and '12 I didn't dig as deeply into the words. In fact, I had to look through my old posts to remember what they were. This year my word is Grow. I have so much growing to do, as person, in my faith, as a mother and teacher... I have so many thoughts and reasons for this word. I actually spent a while looking through the list of words posted on Ali's blog and was stewing over it. I took a break, went to let our dogs out and thought, "I really need a word that will help me grow in the many ways I need to this year" and, thus, my word for 2013 was born. I have printed out my definition and Scripture verses to look up. A new list will come later, as to my reasons, more specific ones. Thank you for reading, reader, and commenting-helping me to grow. :) grow [groh] verb, grew, grown, grow·ing. verb (used without object) 1. to increase by natural development, as any living organism or part by assimilation of nutriment; increase in size or substance. 2. to form and increase in size by a process of inorganic accretion, as by crystallization. 3. to arise or issue as a natural development from an original happening, circumstance, or source: Our friendship grew from common interests. 4. to increase gradually in size, amount, etc.; become greater or larger; expand: His influence has grown. 5. to become gradually attached or united by or as if by growth: The branches of the trees grew together, forming a natural arch.

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