Friday, July 30, 2010

More and Less

I've been thinking about my goals. It's 26 days until the local schools start. Whether I have a full time job or not, there are changes I want to make in myself. I made a short "more" and "less" list. What would be on your more and less list?

*Bible reading (I've gotten away from my daily reading, any reading for that matter. I started out the summer well...)
*sleep (I've been staying up later and later to watch t.v. It's spending time with my husband, but it's not always quality time. I'm still getting up at the same time and I'm tired.)
*planning ahead (often I don't put things on the calendar until the last minute. It would make things a lot easier if I put them on, give them thought ahead of time. Since deciding this, I put a few things on the calendar! :))
*scrapbooking (it sounds like a frivolous hobby, but I want our children and their children to be able to have stories and memories to share about us. I like capturing moments of time surrounding our girls who are growing too fast.)
*card/letter writing (letting those who are far away know I think of them, they are cared about)

*facebook/email/computer checking (lately, with summer vacation, the computer is in reach all the time. I check things far too frequently... often to find there isn't new information/emails/updates...)
*television (there are too many shows I watch that I don't need to...)
*eating out or throwing an unhealthy meal together (this could have been a more meal/menu planning and grocery shopping ahead...)
*less snacking, especially during the aforementioned tv time
*worrying (I mention it all the time, I am a worrier... it hasn't gotten me any closer to my goals...)

These are often on my lists... some for Lent, New Year's resolutions... but never on daily goal lists. I have run marathons-I set goals and I have achieved them. What's different about these goals? I don't make it a choice each and every day... I have my lists. I saw on an organizing website that you needed to post your goals so you would see them and think of them more often. I like the idea. :)

Hope all is well on this sunny Friday (well, it's sunny, here. It hasn't rained for days and isn't supposed to for the next week!)

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