Friday, July 16, 2010


It has been ages since I sat and typed up a post. I have thought many times over the last few weeks: I have to blog that! But, alas, I haven't gotten to it. We spent a little over a week out of town, driving the very long drive to Disney in Orlando. Then we spent 5 days there and headed back. It was a wonderful family vacation for the four of us. Although, I've felt lazy since we got home. No one to clean up after us and make our beds! :) We got a complimentary upgrade to a very fancy room. It was delightful, and I enjoyed being spoiled! :)

Running... I've been running. It's been an interesting process. I feel soreness, pain, fatigue... then I wonder what to push through (thus preparing me for a marathon!) and when to let my body/legs/immune system rest? Last year I pushed right into a broken leg, and I know I won't be winning any marathons, and sometimes I push myself so hard that I don't feel like myself (ie with patience) towards my family. I'm reading Run Like a Mother and it's very good. It's inspiring and I am enjoying it. I'm planning on reading Born to Run, as well, in the near future. I do enjoy reading about running. It makes me excited to lace up and get out there. I have had such sore shins, then when that seemed to finally lessen, my achilles hurt for a few days, as well as my calf muscle. Today I felt defeated when I ran only 7 of my suggested 10, but my stomach attacked around then and I stopped at home instead of continuing on for three more. It felt like the right decision at the time, but after I was kicking myself. I am training for the full marathon, but am wondering if the half is better for me, to get back to fun... I think I wonder this each time I begin marathon training and life gets in the way of me following the schedule exactly. But this year, I am wondering if my legs (and mind?) would enjoy doing a half or two before I get back to a full... I keep mulling it over-a mental game, a process... Keep running to get fit, for sure, but the rest will come. Oh, I did try a few portions of runs (half miles on four different occasions) barefoot and enjoyed it immensely! I stretched before and after and didn't seem to be in too much pain... no more than I had started the run with, anyway, with shoes on. That Barefoot Angie Bee has me really intrigued and inspired. :)

I've been researching digital scrapbooking. I'm often at my computer, and I love the ease of working with photos. I love the process of paper and creativity that scrapbooking brings, too, so I'm researching, learning, leaning towards a hybrid, possibly. I will keep you posted on how that works out.

It's been nice to be away from the worries of "a job or no job" for the fall. There haven't been any new openings posted. They usually open more up again, on Aug 1. We'll see... Until then, no worries... Which is easier said than done. I must keep praying. I have no idea what God has in store for me at this point.

I have so enjoyed reading blogs that I frequent. I try to comment, often, so the writers know I enjoy their musings, like, Isabelle, Momo, Juls, Kelly, Ali, Cathy and Thimbleanna, to name a few. I will try to post more, as well! :)

Hope your summer is going great! :)


Thimbleanna said...

Nice to see you back! It sounds like you're having a wonderful summer -- with some fun family time. I'm so impressed with your running - you're amazing!

Molly said...

My hat's off to you for all that marathon training! Lily is training for a Peletonia---a 180 mile bike ride to raise money for cancer research.....I have to pinch myself and ask "Is she really my daughter?" Of course she is also the OC's daughter, so that must be where all the athleticism comes from! Glad you enjoyed Disney....Did you like the 90 degree weather we've been having?!

Isabelle said...

That really sounds like pleasure under difficulties - the running. But I suppose you know best!