Wednesday, May 11, 2011

20 photos in 2 minutes

Becky Higgins' post a few days ago talked about "real life: home office". I know I love to organize my home office, but cannot always control the clutter/paper mess as it enters the room. She posted that we should take 20 photos or so, in 2 minutes. 20 photos took me closer to three minutes, but I captured photos I liked.

Here is the shelf where I keep all my school files, information I have already documented, copies of timecards, etc.

Colorful thread, to hand sew or sewing machine, I just like how the colors look

Inspirational items taped to the door: names of God/Jesus through the Bible inserted into and a quote from a dear friend: "Worry often gives small things a big shadow.-Swedish Proverb"

The shelf above my desk with scrapbook magazines, journals, books to finish reading and my two favorite willow tree angels-well my only two. :)

This is where I sit-my chair and mac

My mom/parents got me these two containers-the big basket holds papers, embellishments, in plastic sleeves and the container with the green lid has hanging file folders that hold sets of matching papers and embellishments.

My scrapbook table with an exercise ball to sit on while I work, if I want. :)

Project Life binder (above) and items to go in it (below)

Basket of yarn... I always love the idea of knitting, but I don't get very far and I only know how to "knit" not pearl, etc. But the yarn is pretty... :)

My Sam and Sara box. This is important to me because it holds memories of the two babies we lost. It has things like our ultrasound pictures of them, pictures of our girls painting the nursery with Dad, and condolence cards sent to us.

Messy desk

This picture I loved, bought from an artist on and then, when decided on how to redo this bedroom into my office, I used it as my inspiration.

This is a picture of an Australian beach. A dear friend took it. I printed it out on canvas to hang in my laundry room, to invision I was on the beach not in doing laundry, but loved how it looked in here. :)

Inspiration bulletin board

Love this, can't wait to clip up other inspirational things or things I'm working on

my board of embellishments above my scrapbook table

My dog, who isn't supposed to be upstairs, sneaks up while I am working and "protects" (naps ;)) in my doorway.

My mom and dad got me this willow tree angel. I love her. Her tag says "Close to me"-even when we're far apart, you're still close to me/my heart. Isn't that sweet? I love her-my angel and my mom :)).

This angel-the angel of good health-is another of my favorites. My husband and daughters got her for me as a good luck gift before my first marathon in 2005.

There you have it, twenty photos into my office. What does your work spot look like? :)


Molly said...

You are brave! But then your room is very tidy! I think I'll go now and take pictures of MY space! Don't hold your breath though----I'd probably be too ashamed of how they will reveal my inner slob!

Isabelle said...

Love the photos. And now we know what you look like: lovely!

Yes, Thimbleanna has my email address. Maybe she's still away, though. Feel free to email me!