Saturday, March 07, 2009

Signs of Spring

I have been running again, regularly, and the last few weekends I have gotten a six mile run in. Today the signs of pending spring were all around me. Cardinals, and wood thrush flitting about, no more juncos or titmouse-which are signs of winter, our winter birds. Yesterday I saw the most wonderful sight: a bluebird sitting on my bluebird house! I've had it up for three years or so, but the sparrows move in so quickly that the house is occupied before the bluebirds look for real estate. Last night, one flew in and one sat on top. I have photos but I cannot access my camera, more on that, later. I will be posting pictures! The singing of the birds as I ran was so delightful!
Another sign of spring: windows are all open in our house and it smells like spring, the sun is shining (although the weather report declares "not for long"! I hope they're wrong!) Kids are playing outside, and their sounds of enjoyment float in through the open windows.
My houseplants are showing signs of spring, as well. They lean towards the windows where there was once only gray murkiness, and now sun shines in! They all are leaning towards the nearest window and are a funny sight to see. I will take pictures when my camera returns.
My camera is at a local school building with my husband and youngest daughter. They are taking part in a Pinewood Derby (wooden cars made by the participants race to see who is the fastest.) We're hoping that their day goes well.
I have finished more books: I finished Garden Spells, O Little Town, and an in the midst of The Hemingses (still; it's a struggle for me), and The Big House. Reading anything good lately?
I hope you are all enjoying your own signs of spring, and hopefully pleasantness this weekend!


Juls said...

I love spring. The fact that my husband died on the first day of spring is symbolic (sometimes it good and other times not.)

Thimbleanna said...

I bow to your greatness. SIX Miles??? That's awesome. We're finally going to have a nice string of days -- I'd love to see a bluebird -- I probably wouldn't know what to do with myself -- I think they're among the prettiest of birds! I hope you'll show us your picture!