Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Things

I was interviewed for a long-term substitute teaching job a few weeks ago. Early in the week, I got a rejection email. I was pretty sad. My confidence sank. I wondered what had gone wrong. Then, after a series of events, I got a different long-term job. This one is at my daughter's school, in a grade where I know the kids, the staff and building policies. I like the staff, the kids, and am so happy to have the job. It is a situation where only God could have made it so perfect. :) My confidence feels better. :)
Today, after almost a year of talking about it, we went and got a new van. Our old van had hit the 105,000 miles mark and it was time for expensive service/repairs on it. So, we decided to dive in, and got another van. I like the room it has for hauling people, things and pop-up campers on pending camping trips. :) I like that it gives the girls space to have their own area without bothering each other, as well. :) We didn't get dvd player/tv/gps, etc. That isn't us, but it does have a few bells and whistles. I love its color. Our last van was white, and my husband's car is black, so it was fun to get a vehicle with color. :)
The sun was out today. It was still a bit windy, but sunny. I haven' t gotten the long run in, yet, but am hoping for tomorrow.
I will write more then! Hope your weekend is going well!


Thimbleanna said...

Congrats on the new wheels AND the new job!

Isabelle said...

Well done. As you suggest, things often work out for the best.

Juls said...