Sunday, June 03, 2007


Well, I'm back into running again, and addicted. I'm back to that "I hate to miss today's run" feeling. I love it. I started outside training again (after the beginning training on the treadmill for twenty to thirty minute runs, in February through April). I started on April 24th "officially" training for the marathon in the fall. I signed up for a local "marathon in training" program and ran with them yesterday: 8 miles and big hill. Ran in 8:35/mile pace. Felt good! Learned that 1/2 hour after running long runs you should take in protein like chocolate milk. The chocolate makes it taste better. Anyway, I tried it; I was skeptical about milk after a run, but it wasn't bad! Then today I ran the third leg of a relay. A friend who is new to running (this was her first race) was running the first leg, a mile, and then one of her other friends was running the second leg, three miles. I was to do 5. I did it at an 8:01 pace and was thrilled considering I ran 8 yesterday! :) More milk after today and tomorrow is this week's "rest day" with no run. I still felt really good until an afternoon nap today. Then I felt so I needed another nap! :)
I've been subbing a lot lately, three days a week is the regular, now, but that will end in the next two weeks when school is out. Then, I have a few things planned for the summer with the girls: riding bikes on the bike path, our usual library outings, impromptu camping trips, zoo trips, and we're getting a pool pass for the first time this year.
I'm also working on details for the "second annual wine party" as well. We are currently getting patio estimates and are hoping to have the party as soon as the patio is complete!
Well, that is the latest from here. Hope your June is starting well!


Isabelle said...

Goodness, that's very impressive. Happy running!

Molly said...

It feels good to get out for a workout. With my sister visiting I have an extra incentive---she goes for a run, I get on the bike and pedal along with. So much more fun than going it alone!

Dex said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the link to my blog. Sounds like you are off to a good start with your training already. I keep hearing about the wonders of Chocolate Milk as a good way to promote recovery after a run. Its got to be a good reason to take up running by itself.